A Shadow Judging Group consists of one facilitator + a group of young voices

Facilitator: Each group must have a facilitator who is an adult on site, within a participating organisation.

  • Coordinate the group’s registration and communications with the CBCA.
  • Provide the space (physically and emotionally), and the resources and guidance for the groups of young people.
  • Share their group’s creative response to the books online.
  • Submit the creative responses of the group to the CBCA website curator
  • Distribute completion certificates to their group participants.

Young voices: Groups can be created from a range of areas across Australia including early childhood centres, schools, home schools, public libraries and community groups.

Mentors: They are adults who will be connected to a Facilitator through their State CBCA Branch. They will support group facilitators with information and strategies for eliciting responses to literature from young voices.

Want to know more about the Sun Project: Shadow Judging?

How many can we have in a group?

Any number up to a class size. We’ve had groups from 3 to 25 in our trials.

How do we form and manage a group?

Groups can be formed within schools, classrooms, libraries, early childhood centres, and community centres. Your group will choose one Book of the Year category. You will need to provide your group copies of the six shortlisted books in their category of choice. Set up meeting schedules in a safe place. You can provide a valuable opportunity for your group by providing them with a creator’s workshop.

Why does a group have to pay a $50 registration fee?

The registration fee contributes to the administration and development of the program and resources, it demonstrates a commitment on behalf of the group to complete the project, and enables groups to be matched to a mentor.

What resources are provided for groups?

All groups will have a supporting mentor and be given access to all the digital resources and support on the Shadow Judging website.

Why has CBCA devised this program?

There are two important reasons for creating this program

  • To amplify the voice of young readers in the CBCA Book of the Year Awards and to talk about Australian children’s books across the nation
  • To collaborate with the children’s book community to support creatives, bookshops and the publishing industry.

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