Who are We?

Exit Through the Gift Shop Created by Penrhos Yr 6 Book Club

Shadow Judging – Who are we? 

  1. What grade/s are you in? We are a group of twelve girls in year 6 who love to get engrossed in a good book.
  2. What state is your group located in? Our book club is held in Western Australia. 
  3. What’s one awesome thing about where you live and/or go to school? Perth is an amazing place to live with the best beaches you could ever imagine. Penrhos College is a school with many outstanding students who embrace their learning every day, however the best thing ever is sharing happiness with other students while reading a book. 
  4. What is your group facilitator’s name? Luckily, we have a very kind facilitator to guide our meetings, Mrs. Richards.  
  5. What is your favourite snack food to eat at Shadow Judging meetings? During our groups meeting we get a snack provided by Mrs. Richards, such as hot chocolates, milo, and our personal favourite Kripsy Kremes! 
  6. What books do you like to read when you’re not Shadow Judging? When we are not in the process of reading the short list of books we enjoy reading  variety of books such as the Twisted Tales , Wings Of Fire , Land Of Stories, Harry Potter and Percy Jackson.
  7. What’s one thing you think Australian authors and illustrators need to know about Australian readers like you? If we had to pick one thing to critique Australian authors it would be to try and expand their serious books into both comedy and action so we can be more pulled into the book and intrigued by it.