Wagaman Readers CBCA Creator Visit – Sandra Kendell

Blue Flower Iceberg Just One Bee Stellarphant The Boy and the Elephant The Inheritance Created by Wagaman Primary School Yr1/2

We are the Wagaman Readers; an enthusiastic group of Year 1/2 students who love reading picture books. This week, local author, Sandra Kendell visited us to introduce the concept of shadow judging. She used her own books to introduce us to the CBCA judging criteria. We were excited to hear what she had to say as we have already enjoyed many of her picture books, our favourites being Green Tree Frogs and Beauty.

Sandra introduced us to the elements of picture books by explaining the decisions and processes she engages in as an author and illustrator. She took us from sketches and scribbled notes, through storyboards and publisher drafts, to painted illustrations and published books.

Sandra unpacked the story elements and helped us to see how the words and illustrations communicate feelings, ideas, actions and relationships.

After Sandra’s visit, we created a list of what we thought was important in a good picture book:

  • the words and picture match
  • settings suit the story
  • interesting characters
  • ups and downs in the story
  • describing words
  • words that sound right
  • different moods
  • characters talking
  • good pictures that give information
  • using colours
  • close and far away pictures
  • flow