the other side of tomorrow – review

The Other Side of Tomorrow Created by The Geelong College McLean House

The author of the other side of tomorrow creates a very real world by giving the characters real and relatable issues, that people will be able to connect with. They also make the characters relationships, how the act and how they respond to things really understandable. And although you know you’re reading a book you get such strong emotions that you think you are living in it. The author establishes the world by starting 4 friends hanging out at the beach. The author introduces how Lexie is connected to the ocean, and how the boys Jesse and Saxon are surfers. then the author starts to talk about why Abbey really moved to this town, because her Pa got sick. How her dad went crazy and thought that the fresh salt air would be good for them, he also removes all additives in the family’s diet. Then the author takes us from the beach to the family’s home and sets the scene on Abbeys home life. Then abbey and her friends go to Lexies grandma’s house to see how she’s doing. We learn about Lexies past, and then we found out what Lexies grandma is like and how she can read peoples auras and she can see their colours. We then establish Lexie, Saxon and Jesses colours but when we get to Abbey her colour is white and that’s wrong, this is when us readers begin to understand that something is wrong with Abbey. For the rest of the night Abbey builds relationships with her friends. Later we find out about her family life, how they own a restaurant and more. We learn that Abbey feels sick and that when she goes to a party she faints and then vomits, so she runs off because she is embarrassed. Her mum is worried because of this so she takes her to the hospital and understand why her parents are the way they are, because Abby has been in remission for 13 years. I see Abby as a confident, smart girl, who was put in a shell after her grandpa died and moved towns. However, when she begins to make friends, she starts to come out of her shell and understand herself more, and when she finds out she has cancer, you would think she would break down. Although she doesn’t, she knows what she wants out of life and isn’t afraid to achieve it before her days are over. I see Jesse as someone who is shown as a popular boy who is very confident, however when you read into him, he is broken, after all he went through will his mum, he feels lost and scared. Then when he finds out that the girl, he secretly loves has cancer and will also die he is so angry about why this is happening to him again. Jesse is protective and kind and wants the best for the people he loves, and he will do anything to help people achieve what they want from life. Lexie is a very good friend and loves everything about the people she loves and will do anything for her friends. She is a cheeky girl and has had a fresh start in this town where she meets people who will push her to her full potential. She loves Abby and when she finds out that she won’t be with Abby forever she starts to internally break down. Abbys parents love her more than anything and they will do anything to prevent her from leaving them, especially her dad. But when her dad fins out that he has failed on keeping her alive and protecting her he has lost himself. When reading the book, you can understand the characters very well, however you really have to think about it to completely understand them. I could right forever about this book, I loved it so much and I cried so much while reading. I definitely recommend everyone to read this book.

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