The Boy and the Elephant – a picture can speak volumes

The Boy and the Elephant Created by Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School Bibliophiles


Our dome stands as a symbol of a window-like transparent surface that we look through and re-imagine what life could be like on the other side. We have a boy and a girl alone and lonely, staring through their windows and envisioning another way things could be –if the city wasn’t being overrun by construction – and, all animals and plants could roam free.The surface of our creative response is softly rich with greenery. The foreboding sight of construction workers sits at-the-ready to pounce.

While our book had no words, the images spoke volumes and echoed across the pages.The main character has a vision and takes us on his journey to save the trees destined to be chopped.

The boy and girl come together in the end, sharing lunchtime and the collaborative spirit of making a change in the world. Our backdrop of tree-animals, walking to safety in the night, casts light and shadow across the dome.

Above the dome we have bird silhouettes perched atop a wooden park bench. This by-product of deforestation indicates the birds will no longer prance around in the trees and have become shadows of their former selves. The chopped pieces of wood represent the remnants of the forest.

CREATIVE TEAM > Mikhail Biswas, Toby Gilbertson, Benjamin Morris