Taylor Primary School

Exit Through the Gift Shop Created by Group 2

Exit through the Gift Shop


This book was very good. I liked the different themes that were combined into one book. There were themes like bullying, relationships and friendships. We liked how there was a blend of strong characters that were all so different, for better or worse. This book was also sometimes quite philosophical and other times written like a true 12 year old girl.


We chose to do the poster the way we did, with positive themes on the outside of the door and negative themes on the inside because unlike most books for kids our age, there were a lot of dark themes in the book but it was still fun and enjoyable. We also chose to make the dark themes somewhat hidden because that’s where they would be in most books for kids our age, where you have to probe a little deeper to find them but in this book the doors simply open themselves and there they are.

Isobella, Sophie, Evelyn