Stellarphant – reach for the stars

Stellarphant Created by Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School Bibliophiles


No matter how many times Stella is told that she is not qualified, not able, not allowed, not approved – she perseveres and finds a way! As a creative team we were inspired by her fighting spirit.

The pivotal moment in the story that we bounced off to make our creative response was: “Ignition……We Have Lift Off”. Our dome is designed to look intergalactic with a fist powering through barriers that reaches for the stars.

The fist is symbolic of Stella’s strength, as we see it bursting through the glass ceiling – championing the rights of those discriminated against and told “no”. It is decorated with touches of Stella by way of a delicate lace cuff covered in stars and her custom colours of white and orange are reflected on her nails.

Stella is a star who has championed her way into the ‘Hall of Astronaut’ fame. She also paved the way for many other animals to aim for the stars and live their dreams – no matter the obstacles.

CREATIVE TEAM > Lachlan Huxley, Christian Khamly