Persian Biggest Morning Tea Bake Sale

Exit Through the Gift Shop Created by Loreto College Ballarat

In response to ‘Exit Through The Gift Shop’, the Loreto Shadow Judges decided to hold a Persian Biggest Morning Tea Fundraiser.

They planned every detail of the event and decided that holding a Bake Sale would be the best way to both raise money for the Cancer Council and pay tribute to the many food references in the book. They spent a great deal of time researching Persian food and even held a tea blending workshop in which they came up with the perfect, Persian tea blend – a mix of black tea, cinnamon and rose.

A generous staff member brought in her own precious items from her travels to Iran for the group to display and even the decorations were in Ana’s (the book’s protagonist) favourite colour purple!

The event was a complete success! The Library was packed full of joyful students for the entire time and the group raised over $300 for the Cancer Council.