Our Cranbourne Secondary College Older Reader Reviewers

Girls in Boys’ Cars Steven Herrick Sugar Town Queens Terciel and Elinor The Boy from the Mish Tiger Daughter Created by Cranbourne Secondary College

Here is a collection of personal responses from my book club members that are participating in the shadow judging of the shortlist books for the Older Readers’ category.

1. What grade are you in?

Years 8 – 10

2. What state is your group located in?


3. What’s one awesome thing about where you live and/or go to school?

• The amount of clubs and activities available at school
• School is close to home, and I can visit friends easily
• Music
• Our community here is very inclusive, and it’s filled with many people who read
• The library
• Welcoming library community
• Everyone is welcome to give their opinions on anything, especially books.

4. What is your group facilitator’s name?

Mrs Cousens (Library Manager)

5. What is your favourite snack food to eat at Shadow Judging meetings?

• choc chip cookies
• cookies & hot chocolate
• cookies & anything that we are offered

6. What books do you like to read when you’re not Shadow Judging?

• mostly dystopian sci-fi books
• horror/adventurous fiction
• science education and fantasy/sci-fi
• WeirDo
• Manga, X reader books, and fan fiction on Wattpad
• Young adult, mystery, and romance usually
• Mystery, crime, suspense, thriller, murder, detectives/spy, adventurous, etc.
• I really enjoy reading non-fiction, poetry, and crime mysteries
• Mystery/crime and poetry

7. What’s one thing you think Australian authors and illustrators need to know about Australian readers like you?

• I like characters that are diverse
• Some books are really complex with the way it’s written. I don’t mind complex books but not when it’s too complex for me to understand.
• I like reading books located in foreign places as it broadens my knowledge geographically as well as my descriptive skills.
• We enjoy when there are hidden references in books that only Aussies understand. It’s like an inside joke that only we share so it’s always a welcome ‘Easter egg’.