Mysterious and fracturing magical world

Terciel and Elinor Created by Kassia

Terciel and Elinor

Garth Nix’s ‘Terciel and Elinor’ is an age-appropriate fantasy novel that delves into a mysterious and fracturing magical world. The two main characters whose points of view are shown are Terciel and Elinor. The characters are instantly likeable, and Elinor specially felt relatable to the reader, starting out believing she was a regular magic-less human. Despite being a prequel, the book was strong on its own and could be read as a standalone. The plot introduced new story plots not revealed in the first book of the series, ‘Sabriel’, and had a satisfying resolution despite the reader possibly knowing what happens years in the future when the series begins. The world building was comprehensive to the reader and introduced at a comfortable pace as the characters learnt about the unknown world as well. The book also serves its intended purpose as a prequel and supports ‘Sabriel’ very well. The characters story arcs felt natural and realistic as they are introduced not entirely unprepared for the events that follow but with enough room to grow. Despite the two different perspectives occurring in different places for more than half of the book, the story felt cohesive and encouraged the reader to root for the two characters to meet again, creating chemistry between the love interests despite distance. The book included a fully illustrated cover and spine art as well as maps of two of the settings in the book. The cover art and maps were appealing and the spine art included a subtle nod to ‘Sabriel’ with the character Mogget. The book felt original and the concepts new. The forms and rules of magic in the book were unique and while slightly complicated, offered a new perspective in the fantasy genre.