What grade/s are you in?
Our York Library Book Club has members from Years 7, 8 and 9.

What state is your group located in?
We’re in the eastern suburbs of South Australia.

What’s one awesome thing about where you live and/or go to school?
We have a lovely new library since our recent redevelopment and we’ve enjoyed having our own Book Club. As an added bonus, you could basically train for the cross country by climbing all the stairs!

What is your group facilitator’s name?
Julie Staley – Leader of Information Resources R-12

What is your favourite snack food to eat at Shadow Judging meetings?

What books do you like to read when you’re not Shadow Judging?
The Shatter Me series,The Inheritance Games, anything by Lynette Noni!, The Summer I Turned Pretty and The Keeper of the Lost Cities series.

What’s one thing you think Australian authors and illustrators need to know about Australian readers like you?
We need more humour in our reading – available themes are heavy on thriller & romance, but not too much humour. Steer away from stereotypes and unnecessary content that does not connect to the story – it’s irrelevant and can make it too wordy. More show, not tell. Lastly, focus on good stories, rather than what’s popular at the time.