Meet the Shadow Judges from St Thomas More’s Catholic School, Newstead

Amira’s Suitcase Jetty Jumping Walk of the Whales What Do You Call Your Grandma? When the Waterhole Dries Up Winston and the Indoor Cat Created by St Thomas More's Catholic School

What grades are you in?

Grades 5 & 6

What state is your group located in?


What’s one awesome thing about where you live and/or go to school?

We live in the regional city of Launceston so most of us have a good sense of community and connection around us.

What is your group facilitator’s name?

Ms Rebecca Thomas (Librarian)

What is your favourite snack food to eat at Shadow Judging meetings?

popcorn, lollies & fruit

What books do you like to read when you’re not Shadow Judging?

Horror, action, adventure, historical, non-fiction, fantasy, science-fiction, choose your own adventure and humorous books.

What’s one thing you think Australian authors and illustrators need to know about Australian readers like you?

Don’t over complicate stories  too much.

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