Kangaroo Flat PS Shadow Judges Explore Jetty Jumping

Jetty Jumping Created by Kangaroo Flat PS, Bendigo

Jetty Jumping – Andrea Rowe and Hannah Somerville

Excellent use of illustrations for perspectives – friends looking up, Milla looking down and we are above her in a bird’s eye view, down in the water with the sun above.

Depth shown really well – falling into the water and rising up. The text curves upwards.

  • Relatable themes of friendship, fears, challenges, peer pressure, change
  • Lively colours but subtle beach colours for the illustrations- pale blues and greens
  • Matte paper feels right for this book rather than glossy pages
  • Every day people and things relatable to summer and the beach
  • Good for younger readers as they have fears of learning or doing new things
  • Making connections: Ryken made a connection to a water slide, Amelia made a connection to the vertical slide, others made connection to when selected for leadership roles. Having to metaphorically ‘jump’ and be courageous.
  • Would the bracelet be enough to make us jump? Some said no. It was the bracelet not the peer pressure that made Milla jump.
  • The bracelet symbolises courage. Milestones. She would lose a beloved possession if she was too afraid to jump. The bracelet is the “push” she needs.

The detail in the illustrations is sometimes simple but beautifully adds to the story. The barnacles, the melting ice cream, the seagulls hovering around the hot chips.

The language is simple yet descriptive- the splinters on the jetty, the water droplets like diamonds, the sun kissing the waves. Very beautiful language.

The Kangaroo Flat PS Shadow Judges