Exit Through the Gift Shop reviewed

Exit Through the Gift Shop Created by St John's Catholic School Shadow Judges

While discussing the younger reader category, we compiled a list of words and themes that resonated with them when they read the books. We found some themes were common to all the books, especially family and friendship, identity and overwhelmingly hope, even amidst hardship and tragedy.

One of us had the idea of a piece of art work that included words in the smoke from bombed buildings for Rabbit, Soldier, Angel, Thief. This idea was applied to the drawings for each of the other books.

The group also wrote a poem, from short poetic notes for Huda and Me to a longer piece for Dragon and Me, for each book.

Finally, inspired by How to Save a Dragon on the back of Dragon Skin, the group came up with a “How to…” for each book. A student or small group took the lead for each creative piece but the group also made suggestions and contributed to the work as a whole. A smattering of opinions were also included, as the discussions we had and the passion we had for our favourites was a big part of the Shadow Judging experience.