Esther’s Poster

Exit Through the Gift Shop Created by Mountain District Christian School

My name is Esther.

I am from Mountain District Christian School and I am in Year 7.

The book I have chosen to do my creative response on is Exit through the Gift Shop, by Maryam Master.

The author uses an interesting style which shows graphically what a twelve year old’s diary might look like.

This story is about a 12 and a half year old girl, named Anahita, who has recently been diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, (a kind of cancer). And has basically been told that she is dying. Ana faces all sorts of challenges, such as a bullying situation, family trouble, and the realization that life is often absurd.

Anahita is on a wild roller-coaster of life and death, kindness and cruelty, ordinary and extraordinary.

But she has a few things to do before she exits through the gift shop……..