We created a display with objects chosen to represent major themes or objects from each of the shortlisted books in the Younger Readers category.

We also created a bookmark for each book with a memorable quote. We got the idea to do a cellophane collage of the dragon and the glasshouse from the front cover of “A glasshouse of Stars“. We also included a hand-painted teacup and cookies as a representation from “Exit Through the Gift Shop“, the plane flying above the other objects from “Huda and Me“, boats and jewel from “The Detective’s Guide to Ocean Travel” and buttons, feathers, string, soap and matches to show some of the items collected by Sasha in “Rabbit, Solider, Angel, Thief”.

Emily Conolan, author of the Freedom Finders series, visited us and we enjoyed talking to her about our display and why we chose each item. Emily writes choose your own adventure stories and during our workshop we started to work on our own group story using her writing process. We look forward to continuing to work as the Middle School Reading Queens and finishing our story.