Creative Response – Tiger Daughter

Tiger Daughter Created by Oberon High School

by Poppy S

He was screaming at me,

Everywhere I turned he was staring right back, teasing me, mocking me.

Why did I have to be taunted by him, of all places I could have possibly been caught in.

People don’t understand why I hate him so much

For others this would only be a simple rebellious act

But for me, this was the thing I am most afraid of.


Absent, disoriented, absorbed these are all the traits that keep reminding him I’m a failure

Focused on things unimportant

I screamed with my mind full of dread as though people would be able to save me

The pain of seeing myself through his eyes was unmatched

I’ll never know if I’ll get out of this corrupt belief system

But I’ve been cemented in this state for eternity.