CBCA Shadow Judging 2022

Shadow Judging 2022,
Oh what a time it has been!
The books were hard to decide,
And here are some books I have seen.

The Inheritance is a dark tale,
That is sadly true.
Fossil fuels are killing us,
So the next death might be you!

Let’s venture down to chilly Iceberg
A life cycle that’s works so well,
Life goes on for our little iceberg,
And the experience is nourishing, you can tell.

Grab some Paint for Blue Flower,
A book where we should accept all.
About a girl who’s slightly different,
It’s okay, different’s not a fall!

Lets go to space with Stellarphant,
Oh, this book is so much fun!
With perseverance and thinking,
This book is a great one!

The wordless story, Boy and the Elephant
Has a large tale to tell,
A boy befriends a group of trees,
And he tries to preserve them as well.

Let’s buzz around with Just one Bee
A book all about hope.
One bee tries to save the world,
Yes, he’s certainly knope!

Here are all the books to judge,
From all six to one,
I gave a little teaser too,
So which one’s your favorite, come on!

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