Cambewarra PS Shadow Judging

Walk of the Whales Created by Cambewarra PS Library Monitors

Walk of the Whales

Walk of the Wales is an amazing book. It has a really important message for everyone. It is easy for us to litter the ocean and not notice, but when our environment and where we live falls apart and becomes messy, we notice it and don’t like it. In walk of the wales, the wales ‘walk out of the ocean and into the cities and towns’. Nobody realises that the wales only came to live with them because humans have littered the ocean and made it like a giant bin. While the wales were on the land, they made a mess and cracked the pavement and ruined statues and then humans didn’t want the around. When somebody finally asked why the wales were in the towns, they got their answer. They were sick of the fact that their home was being destroyed. Humans then cleaned up the ocean and the whales went back in.

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