California Gully PS Book Trailer and Review – Exit Through the Gift Shop

Exit Through the Gift Shop Created by California Gully Primary School

Watch our look trailer and read our review of Exit Through the Book Shop. We also have a second book trailer about this book.

Ana is battling cancer and has found out that she has only a year to live. Alyssa, the Mean Queen, is doing her best to make her life even worse.

Ana was a kind and caring character who was mostly happy, which was surprising as she had a year to live, but we thought that the other characters including Al and her family, helped her stay happy and positive. Al made us laugh and cheered up Ana.  All the characters were realistic and we related to the issues that Ana faced with Alyssa. The story took us through many emotions with Ana.

We loved the illustrations and felt they really added to the story. We also liked the different fonts used and thought the author varied these to fit in with Ana’s feelings and what was happening in the story.

The language sounded like Ana’s diary and she used lots of words that we would use but often aren’t in other books we read. Some of us liked how Ana wrote definitions of words.

We felt that the story was original and had unusual content for readers our age and we thought it would appeal to students our age (Grade 5 and 6) and maybe a little older. We gave it 4.5 stars out of 5.