Blue Flower Alternative Book Cover and Song Playlist

Blue Flower Created by Ryan, Ben and Evann

This is our creative response to Blue Flower.

Our Song Playlist for Blue Flower
1. “Gotta go to School”  – I chose this song because it outlines the main character’s passion of despising school.

2. Chosen Last –  Our character feels like an outcast and that no one wants them, so they feel that pain.

3. Jump – A bit of a fun song while all the other kids are playing but sadly we know someone who is left out.

4. Take Me Home –  A joy of relief when the day finally comes to an end and he gets to go home.

5. Mice on Venus – When she realised that she is different she comes to peace with it and therefore the peaceful music

6. Sunflower –  Then the credits roll and this song plays, not exactly a sunflower but the same vibe.