Authentic and culturally insightful

Tiger Daughter Created by Laila

Characters are incredibly authentic and culturally insightful. Henry’s backstory and its affect on his characterisation was extremely well thought out, along with Wen and Henry. Their relationship was very well-thought out- and Henry’s characterisation stood out as a testament to the barriers of migrants in Australia and other western countries.

One of the few faults of Tiger Daughter is its resolution. In a book that tackles modern issues with realism, it was unfortunate that the ending was so well tied up. I know an ending that felt a little less resolved would have left readers- especially younger ones- with that gorgeous, bittersweet feeling that comes from a realistic resolution. Heartbreaking and heart-warming in the sense that it is too real and too relatable.

The book explores community and belonging through the migrant lens with a well thought out approach. Lim does not shy away from topics like death, domestic abuse, social isolation, and other heavy themes. She balances them with encouraging optimism and hope in her younger characters. A notable tackling of theme was through her use of patriarchal issues. Wen and her father’s relationship eloquently communicates a cultural boundary that prevents her father from loving her- a poignant and meaningful theme and relationship.

Lim’s writing is easy to comprehend but communicates the story effectively. It is well written and suitable for the age bracket. Not necessarily a challenging read for vocabulary and textual features but is challenging in its realistic approach and nature.

The idea of place is incredibly relevant to the story and is tackled in a creative and thought-provoking way. The setting isn’t necessarily where “place” is established, but it is through the cultural values and beliefs, the language barriers and struggles of the migrant families that communicates the difficulties of being in a new “place” for migrants and immigrants. As an immigrant myself, it struck a chord with me without being too obvious or ignoring the issue altogether.

All in all, Tiger Daughter is a simple read, but incredibly moving and meaningful, particularly for migrant children. In a country where we have such a steep increase of diversity, Lin’s writing carries a significant relatability for our demographic, poignantly expressing the common outcries of immigrants and their families.