Amira’s Suitcase

Amira’s Suitcase Created by Taroona Primary School - Writers' Group

This elegant and unexpected tale about friendship and hope is an untimely tale about how even the simplest things can be true wonders. With a lot of reading between the lines required this story is ideal if you want a book for early childhood that isn’t so straightforward and that they can really contemplate.

With illustrations that paint an amazing picture of what is happening around her and the mood of the setting with ease this book paints an unknown but intricate situation of where it takes place. From making friends to discovering new things and finding new meaning this seed has changed Amira in so many ways.

Amira’s Suitcase will make you appreciate a deeper meaning in the everyday things you usually take for granted. This book will teach you to understand the things around you and look a little bit closer.

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