Armin Greder
Allen & Unwin

These are the last words of the old industrialist before dying. While the three brothers discuss how to fulfil their father’s wishes, the sister lists for them the disastrous consequences that would follow: disease; marine pollution; deforestation; the destruction of the landscape; pollution of skies and rivers…

The Inheritance tells of the greed of those who hold economic power, and reminds us that silence and inaction amount to complicity. With minimal text, this powerful story is told primarily through Armin Greder’s distinctive illustrations that challenge the reader to question the status quo and fight for the future.

Judges’ Comments

A challenging and unsettling picture book expressing the deep connection between capitalism and the state of our planet within the setting of an uber wealthy family. Bleak but beautiful compressed charcoal and pastel illustrations evoke a visceral response. In this picture book for older readers the reader is invited to sit with the metaphorical and literal darkness of this chilling tale. Many older readers will be engaged with and energised by the haunting nature of the wordless pages that don’t give in to a ‘happy ending’ temptation. The bold use of negative space and ironic title will provoke much discussion.

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