Isaiah Firebrace / Jaelyn Biumaiwai
Hardie Grant Explore

In this essential book, Isaiah, a Yorta Yorta and Gunditjmara man, establishes a foundation of First Nations knowledge with 20 key topics.

Judges’ Comments

This strikingly gorgeous book by pop artist Isaiah Firebrace, introduces the basics of First Nations customs, beliefs and history. From the attractive cover showing hands coming together, and simple endpapers, the reader is drawn into learning about the oldest continuous civilization on earth. Isaiah shares important insight into aspects of Indigenous culture that all people, not just the young, should know – from caring for Country and Dreaming stories to the importance of Elders and even the Indigenous origins of AFL. Language is easily accessible to the younger reader, and while it does not delve into some of the more complex aspects of First Peoples culture, there is sufficient information to provide an overview and the knowledge to inspire the reader to look further. The accompanying colourful illustrations by Jaelyn Biumaiwai dominate each double-page spread, enhancing the written text and having maximum impact.
This is a powerful book that would appeal to a wide ranging audience and holds significant enduring value.