Vikki Conley / Max Hamilton
Windy Hollow Books

High in the mountains through the sleepy clouds. Deep in the forest past the chiming birds.
Will we see the lyrebird? I don’t know. Tip-toe, tip-toe. The beauty of the Australian rainforest and the magic of family-time come together in this lyrical and delightful story of intergenerational connection,
habitat and adventure.

Judges’ Comments

This book delights and entices the reader from beginning to end. Lush green spreads fill the pages, beautifully capturing the setting of cool climate forests in watercolour and pencil. The sparse descriptive narrative sets a gentle pace and reads aloud well, drawing the audience in with questions and facts. Readers are encouraged to slow down, listen and look, for every now and then there is a sign of the hidden lyrebird.
Metaphors and similes add richness, and the enlarged text for action words and onomatopoeia will increase participation and engagement. A well-crafted narrative that will encourage children to read aloud themselves.

Creative Responses