Frank’s Red Hat

A story about never giving up on your talents, because even though what you do may not be appreciated right now, it may be in time. Possibly by someone you’d least expect.

Frank is a penguin with ideas. Mostly terrible ones. That’s why his fellow penguins are nervous when he shows them his strange new creation.
Something they’d never seen or expected to see in their cold and colourless Antarctic world — a red hat.

Judges Comments

There is a deeper message here that is subtle and not forced. This book will open up conversations about risk taking, difference and perseverance. The story pace is perfect, and the illustrations delightfully extend the text, with expertly crafted details like the eyes of the walrus, which are so expressive. There are rich word choices for the colour names. The page filled with hats in every colour of the rainbow is wonderful and visually represents Frank’s independence, creativity and determination against the backdrop of his monotone environment. This book can be shared with younger children, but it will also generate deeper discussions and enjoyment for older students. Ultimately, it is the characters and the way the illustrations enhance their interactions that make this story shine.

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